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Born in 1972 in the village nestled in the Outaouais region in Canada, Martin Blanchet never forgets the teachings of his master and mentor of Dutch origin whose studies at l’Académie des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers, France taught him precision in the execution of a painting.

In his late teens he continued down a self-taught path through reading and trips to Europe multiplying his museums visits. In his early years, having chosen wildlife art as a platform of expression, he participated for a period of five years in approximately 30 exhibitions and contests in France including The Fall Salon, at the Grand Palais in Paris. Among awards received Martin is most proud of a mention of honor in the figurative category at the Salon International des Seigneurs de l’Art in Aix-en-Provence, France for its jury included some students of Cézanne.

His work was firstly presented in US market at New York City’s International Art Fair. Today he is been shown in California and in the Gallery 32 Fine Art in New York. Meanwhile in Canada, exhibitions multiplied and in addition to the Michel Bigué Gallery, Le Balcon d’Art, Galerie d’art Solange Lebel, Masters Gallery, Canadian Fine Arts, Towne Square Gallery and Art & Style Gallery display his work with honor.

With conviction and a will to better as his allies, Martin Blanchet continues his journey in search of the invisible under the watchful eyes of a long list of corporate and private collectors. The main motivation for each artist’s painting is to share a place or a moment, to recreate an instant, and to give the impression of being there.

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